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Friday, March 11, 2005

Footy Versus Wedding?

The media has been in a feeding-frenzy this week about professional AFL footballer Nick Stevens (Carlton), and his agonising choice about whether to ditch his brother's wedding - where he was to be bestman - or a football match. It's like Sophie's Choice, but for bogans.

Highlighting the principled ethics we've come to expect, he has opted to give his brother the finger and scoot off to play footy with his mates instead. No doubt his family planned the wedding in the off-season, but no: even the pretend "let's-cram-more-games-in-coz-we're-greedy" Wizard Cup season trumps his friggin' own brother's wedding.

While his family must recognise that he's a professional AFL footballer (and therefore prone to being a knob), it must still sting. I think his brother summed it up best himself. In Nick Stevens' own words:

"I told him I was going to play and he said to me straight out he was behind me whichever way I went and he wasn't going to change the way he feels about me," Stevens said.

"He said, `If you play footy, that's what you do'." (Herald Sun, 9/3/05)

Hey Nick - try reading between the lines! Your brother is trying to give you an important message here!

Sheesh, I guess that's why I don't (ahem) "earn" half a million dollars a year. But I have been bestman and enjoy good relations with my siblings.

Citations: Herald Sun, 9/3/05

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Footy Fans Against Sexual Assault

Props to the Football Fans Against Sexual Assault for their fine work in raising public awareness in this issue. They also provide a comprehensive media log of reportage about rape and other sexual crimes involving both AFL and NRL (ie rugby league) players.

Please note that we have moved to a RED threat level due to this weekend's Wizard Cup grand final. This means we can expect large numbers of drunk and possibly drug-affected footballers (and their hangers-on and wannabees) in public places. With the football season proper still some weeks away, the risks of bashings and rapes reaches its zenith.

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