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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Carey and Neilson Have No Idea

Just because it's been more than a month without a Wayne Carey post doesn't mean he's been keeping quiet. No sir, quite the contrary. All manner of sad, bizarre and disappointing news has been generated by the abusive Wayne and his on-again off-again girlfriend, Kate Neilson. Here's a round-up of the last month or so of sordid activities since we last covered his violent, drug-fuelled exploits back in January.

Details came to light of yet another US-based row, this time in an exclusive New York hotel (the W Hotel) in October 2006. In this case, the security guard, Kyle Banks, reported that he saw Wayne Carey smash a bottle of champagne over his own head. He allegedly went on to repeatedly hit Kate Neilson before attack the security guard and collapsing.

Also in late 2006, it emerged that the pair were on safari in South Africa when, yep, you guessed it, another violent blue. Neilson became so upset and/or fearful that she left the safety of the limo and ran into the jungle. Although lions, leopards, hyenas etc were spotted in the area, she apparently decided they were a better option than a deranged Carey. How bizarre, how sad.

Sure, he looks harmless enough now, but with a bottle he's incredibly dangerous.
Source: Herald-Sun.

This comes on top of allegations of an earlier incident in October 2004 at a Las Vegas casino, where Wayne Carey was placed under citizen's arrest for assaulting a guard at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. (If the man who physically put Carey down and placed him under citizen's arrest comes forward, he will be eligible for both humanitarian and bravery awards.) Carey was taken into custody by police overnight and charged, although nothing came of it.

Cashing in on their new-found notoriety, Wayne Carey and Kate Neilson did a cover-story for New Idea magazine. Scraping a new bottom for disgusting cheque-book journalism, the outlet has given them a PR free-kick for a reported $180,000. While revelations of the pairs' ongoing drug-use (cocaine) are hardly startling, what is sickening is the gloss liberally applied over Carey's violence. Crikey characterised it as "$180,000 to tell the world that his girlfriend accidently "fell into" the glass of wine that he was in the process of throwing over her and that he did not "realise" that the glass had cut her face". Neilson added "Wayne isn't violent - not at all...That's not to say our relationship hasn't been volatile, but that's (only) at times." She also said that they were "as silly as each other". Volatile? Silly? What next - it takes two to tango? Oh dear. Those excuses sounds a lot like domestic violence at work to me. How appalling that this spin was put out in a publication that recently launched its own anti-domestic violence campaign.

New low in cheque-book journalism.
Source: Crikey.

It's looking likely that Wayne Carey won't be charged for his role in the Port Melbourne siege incident that saw him capsicum-sprayed and led off in hand-cuffs. The Herald-Sun is reporting that senior police believe it won't proceed. The Age is still being a bit more cagey, but we'll see. There's still the matter of the Florida glassing incident to resolve. (Not the attack itself - Neilson dropped the charges - but Carey's alleged assault on Miami's finest. He's pleading not guilty.)

Wayne Carey is rumoured to be making an appearance on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope on the ABC. The ABC does not pay for interview subjects, so Carey's motivation is presumably more about re-building his brand than direct cash. It's likely the episode will air on March 31st - stay tuned for detailed analysis here.

Speaking of the Carey brand, there's been more discussion about his diminishing chances of getting into the AFL Hall of Fame due to his appalling off-field record. He's even been compared unfavourably to Gary Ablett, who's bad record at least started after he retired. Carey's been of bad character since the Year Dot.

Adding to the intense scrutiny and sense of intrigue this past month, Kate Neilson was listed to appear in court over some outstanding fines. Somehow or other, this was "fixed up" and she was taken off the list. Corrections Victoria won't discuss details of what's going on with this little side story. Interesting.

Mysterious court appearance cancelled.
Source: Herald-Sun.

Here at The Speccy, we doubt this is over. Not by a long shot. We'll be keeping a weather eye on the hijinx, rumours and allegations as they unfurl. Stay tuned for more.

*** UPDATE ***

NEW!! We've prepared a timeline of events and an interactive map of Wayne Carey's incidents from across the globe. Now you can track and analyse his violent and bizarre behaviour, perhaps even protecting loved ones overseas by predicting where he'll strike next.

Tip: Our preliminary public safety analysis suggests you should not holiday in 5-star hotels in the US during October. Wayne Carey has faced assault allegations on no less than three occasions.

View Larger Map

Naturally, we'll be updating this map as more violent and other incidents come to light. Stay safe!

*** UPDATE ***

In a Miami court, Wayne Carey has admitted to elbowing a policeman in the face and kicking another in the mouth. His punishment? A $US500 fine, 50 hours of community service and some anger management and counselling. Here in Melbourne, the idea of a rich, violent, drunken, drug-addled and misogynistic footballer getting off lightly for his crimes is depressingly familiar. For the Miami police, the reality of justice, AFL player-style, comes as a shock:

"It is very demoralising for the men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis to know there is not a system that backs them up," said Sergeant John Rivera, president of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association. (The Age, 17/10/2008)

Yes, indeed. Welcome to our world.

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  • The 'New Idea' mags laying around at work are circa 2005, so I may get to read this article in 3 years or so. Ironically Carey may have ended up being punished in what will be to him a meaningful manner: Being replaced by Glen Archer on TV. That's gotta smart!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 5:04 pm, March 18, 2008  

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  • On an off topic. Happy Birthday dude. What out for those big mean AFL players if you go out to celebrate tonight!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:29 pm, March 22, 2008  

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