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Monday, October 02, 2006

Graceless Winners Ignore Kids

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. This beautiful photo by Tim Carrafa was used in The Australian to highlight the selfish acts of some West Coast Eagles players on receiving their Premiership Medal in the 2006 Grand Final.

Little Kid Shunned By Triumphant Footy Hero

Source: Tim Carrafa in The Australian

Yeah, you're number one, alright.

Apparently, we shouldn't feel too bad for the kids publicly rejected in this way. Auskick coach and chief apologist Darrell Marr defends the brutish players:
"So it's no wonder a few of them forgot about the kids yesterday – they've got a premiership medallion, and they don't think of anything else, to be quite honest." (The Australian, 2/10/2006)

Sad, but true. The sooner the poor little tykes realise the massive, overwhelming importance of footy over any form of civility, the sooner they can adjust to living in Australian society.

Citations: The Australian, 2/10/2006

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  • Can't blame them for swearing in front of the kids when they've won, well a competition that only half the country cares about, I mean the non-foul mouthed dribble that the Aussie women came up with after winning the Basketball world championships can't even compare with a few F words here and there!! Or it can't ever compare to other international sporting triumphs by various Australian olympians or other Aussie international sports teams like the socceroos, they don't need to swear, they actually achieved success in sports that most other people around the globe actually care about, thus not requiring to macho themselves up to compensate for their relevance penis envy! Take that Kieran Perkins and Ian Thorpe, step aside for the true greats in Aussie sports, Quentin Lynch and the like have shown us how it should be done!!

    By Anonymous Ben Wallace, at 10:57 pm, October 02, 2006  

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  • Come on, have a look at the situation. These guys life dreams where involved here. They are tired and not thinking. Have a look at Daniel Chick. He didn't shake the kids hands because he was thinking of his dead brother. The guy also had his wife and son leave for the US. The guy has a lot on his mind.

    And what are the players thoughts when they think about it in the light of day:

    Should they shake the hand? Yes.
    Is it a crimial offense punishable by death (like you are making it out)? No!


    By Anonymous Phillip Molly Malone, at 12:19 pm, October 03, 2006  

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