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Monday, July 02, 2007

Speccy Production Notice

Please note that The AFL Player Spectator has relocated to a new address:

The reason for the change was the unwieldy URL and capacity issues with the web host.

There should be no interruptions to the posts, comments or updates feeds or emails. If you experience any problems, please leave a note here and I'll try to sort it.

*** UPDATE ***

Unfortunately, we seem to be experiencing some problems with The Speccy's Update Feed. It no longer seems to be showing updates in order of recency, rather in order of original post (which is not the useful). I gather this is a result of moving to the blogspot platform, but I will have our IT department look into working with Blogger to get it fixed.

*** UPDATE ***

Good work, boys! The Speccy Update Feed is back and fully operational. Subscribe for all the gory details, follow-ups and latest news on those lingering stories.

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