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Millionaires with a Year Ten Education

Monday, January 17, 2005

Wrap Up of Season 2004

Many would ask "Isn't it just vindictive compiling a list of the bad behaviour of Aussie Rules footballers?", to which I reply: Yes, it is. But I believe it's in the public interest to go some way to balancing the the misconception that because a person is a good kick of the footy, that they should be hailed and feted like superstars.

Wiser heads than mine have argued that, as I'm "actuated by malice", I am exposing myself to defamation action. Fortunately, it's a long-held legal principle that you can't defame a group and the local Anti-Vilification legislation does not yet protect footballers.

So, back to matters at hand, The Age (Melbourne's leading newspaper) has a nice wrap up of last year's season:

The controversy started in March when St Kilda players Stephen Milne and Leigh Montagna were accused of rape by two women and interviewed by police.

Both players were eventually cleared - and were not charged - but a flood of allegations from women against other AFL players followed.

It was revealed Port's Peter Burgoyne and ex-player Adam Heuskes had been charged with rape over an alleged incident, but later had the charges dropped.

It was also revealed the pair, along with Swan Michael O'Loughlin, paid the woman hush money to keep quiet.

In another allegation, a group of Hawthorn players were accused of gang-rape on a 1999 end-of-season trip in Hawaii.

For a code heavily reliant on family support, the bad news kept coming.

Hawks Lance Picioane and Danny Jacobs were caught drink-driving, while Carlton players Laurence Angwin and Karl Norman were sacked and sanctioned respectively by their club for arriving at training when they were believed to be under the influence of recreational drugs.

Collingwood players were involved in a mid-season drinking binge in Queensland that even had Magpies president Eddie McGuire criticised for not reporting the news as host of The Footy Show. (The Age, 18/12/2004)

Ahh, Eddie. Football club president and high-profile media commentator. "Conflict of interest" is just an old-fashioned term for "synergy" for you, right?

Citations: The Age, 18/12/2004

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  • I find it quite offensive that you sub-title your article "Millionaires with a Year Ten Education", I used to be in yr 10 once upon a time and happen to know some current year ten people, and they happen to be very responsible and mature...a more apt title might be "Millionaires Morons".....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:33 am, February 17, 2005  

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  • Yes, of course I meant no disrespect to year ten students. It's the ones that don't go on to year eleven but instead get swept up in the world of football that are of concern.

    By Blogger Greg, at 12:18 am, February 18, 2005  

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  • I remember the peter burgoyne, michael oloughlin and adam heuskes 'alleged' rape incident a few years back. Hueskes has had several 'alleged' incidents. In the end they payed the adelaide woman 200,000 dollars to sign a piece of paper saying that she wasn't raped. Port adelaide fined peter burgoyne 5000 dollars for this incident... but in 2008 (now) it is as if everyone has forgotten that these players are rapists. i am shocked at the way the media is payed off or manipulated or something into re-advertising these players as stars. Im a PE teacher in a primary school and a new generation of primary school aged footballers are growing up idolising these same players who are RAPISTS. Chris judd is right. footballers should not be looked at as role models.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:20 pm, June 15, 2008  

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  • It is quite disturbing how indifferent the majority of Australians are to these sorts of incidents.

    I should point out that while rape charges were laid against Peter Burgoyne and Adam Heuskes, they did not proceed to a conviction. To my knowledge, Michael O'Loughlin has never been charged with rape. However, sadly, it seems that money did change hands from all three to "settle" the matter.

    Here's a sickening quote from the victim, used on the Four Corner's expose:

    "Jane says she was raped by Adam Heuskes and Peter Burgoyne and that at one point, Heuskes and Michael O'Loughlin were masturbating close to her face."

    Despite this being public knowledge for some time, most fans are happy enough to buy memberships, deck their kids out in the team colours and put posters up in the bedroom of these "heroes" in action.

    How about a poster of AFL footballers holding a girl down in a deserted park, taking it in turns to rape her? Would parents be happy to see that in their kids' bedroom?

    By Blogger Greg, at 6:02 pm, June 15, 2008  

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